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Leaving Livejournal - Mi casa AINT su casa... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Leaving Livejournal [Nov. 27th, 2005|12:05 am]
[Current Music |Israel and New Breed-No Limits (enlarge my territory)]

Well Well Well...I am leaving livejournal to tha few friends who read this...I cannot even begin to say how much my life has changed in just under a month!

When I started this journal back in September of 2004 I was mainly on here cause of my girl Ryssa. It was my outlet because I was REALLY depressed and unhappy. But praise God, He's brought me a LONG way from that point! This was my outlet when I was depressed, HAPPY, feelin crazy...I've just come such a LONG way since I left Hampton over a year ago.

I am leaving livejournal mainly because I need some unification in my life lol...I've had about 4 diff blogs since I started blogging...and it's become to hectic to maintain four of them.
but most of all, it's just time to move on from livejournal. As time goes on, I will have just ONE blog (www.xanga.com/just_my_destiny)...I think about how I will be 20 years old in a few months...it's a bigger milestone for me than most others...

God has TRULY blessed me beyond measure this last month and is moving through me like I couldnt have even imagined! I just need some ORDER in my life right now...and it's just time to move on from Livejournal!

So I just want to say thank you DeAnna and Ryssa for TRULY being there when I needed y'all, I will still be on AIM 24-7 lol I just wont be on here anymore. Deb, it was cool finding u again after so long...I pray that God blesses you and keeps you in his arms and keeps u safe if u go study abroad...u can reach me on facebook, that is where u can find me! lol or on AIM DeiDei 04...I love y'all!

From: gj435
2005-11-27 01:33 pm (UTC)
Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Wow. Four journals? That's serious. Hope all goes well with you.
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